Community lay bare Codelco’s impacts in Intag, Ecuador

The people of Intag, Ecuador are calling for the distribution of the following information about the activities of Chilean state-owned mining company Codelco, and its Ecuadorian equivalent, Enami, in the Intag region known for its pristine cloud forest.

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Last week eleven organisations from Intag wrote to Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet outlining these impacts in a new letter.

The communities who call Intag home have been defending their lands from large-scale mining for over two decades and have been successful in ousting two multinational mining companies in that time. Despite suffering intimidation, the imprisonment of activist Javier Ramirez and other obstacles, they remain resolute in their opposition to mining.







There are many reasons for Codelco to Drug Store Com Free Shipping, prescription drugs online without lasix without prescription buy meds, lasix 40mg shop EXPRESS Delivery stay out of Intag. These should suffice for any company that considers itself responsible… Intag’s forests and inhabitants should be a no-go zone.

-Carlos Zorilla, Decoin

For more information about the people of Intag’s resistance to Codelco’s planned mine, and 21 reasons the community have put forward for rejecting the project, click here. 


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