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Based on original articles: Tramadol Prescribed Online

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The largest socio environmental disaster in the history of Argentina has been the consequence of three leakages of cyanide solution in Veladero mine during 2015, 2016 and 2017, caused by Barrick Gold Corporation. The leakages occurred in various water bodies at the region of San JuanOrdering Tramadol Online Legal. This has awakened multiple social movements, petition rights have been sent and various water studies have been made, but during years the government has neglected the tragedy. However, three ex secretaries of environment have recently been processed due to abuse of power and infringement of the National Glacial Law. Additionally, the director of the Institute of Nivology, Glaciology and Environmental Science (IANIGLA), Ricardo Villalba has also been processed.

During the investigation of the three ex secretaries and the director of IANIGLA, proves were found that the leakages in Veladero mine, situated in per-glacial area, could have been avoided if the National Glacial Law was followed accordingly. The IANIGLA and Ministry of Environment officials did not meet their obligations when determining the inventory and monitoring of the state of the glacial and per-glacial areas because when editing and designing the document they ignored various bodies of ice due to highly restrictive criteria.  Similarly, the officials retained information, slowed processes and operative activities, and established the how and the when of the inventory, in accordance to their own economic interests.  This way, they broke the law and harmed, not only the glacial ecosystem, but also the habitants of San Juan affected by the leakages.

The judge Sebastián Casanello, in charge of the federal case, asked the Ministry of Environment to take measures of protection, cleaning and restoration “as soon as possible”. Nonetheless, the Chamber of Deputies is intending to modify the National Glacial Law demanded by the mining companies.  When is the government going to stop prioritizing the short-term economic interests of few and start taking long-term inclusive decisions that protect the wellbeing of their citizens and ecosystems?

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Contra Glaciar, cut by the road to Veladero Mine

Purchase Tramadol Overnight Cheap

Environmental glaciar and per-glaciar maps of the Pascua-Lama Veladero elaborated by IANIGLA (same map maker), for Barrick (Green boxes) and for the National Inventory of Glaciars (red boxes)

Tramadol Online Cod 180 To know more about the leakages of cyanide solution, click Cheap Tramadol From India and Best Way To Order Tramadol Online

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