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Fusagasugá and San Bernardo say NO to Fracking and Mining through Popular Consultation to defend the largest paramo in the World

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On the 21stof October, Fusagasugá and San Bernardo will become the epicenter of environmental protection, defense of water and territory in Colombia with the popular consultations taking place in these municipalities. The citizens will voice whether they agree or not with the implementation of Fracking, mining activities and oil extraction in their territory. The popular consultation of Fusagasugá will be the large in regard to extractive projects that has taken place so far in the country because of an electoral universe of 104,118 citizens that can vote in the municipality, at least 35,000 have to go to the voting polls in order for the threshold to be met and the results to be valid.

The popular consultations in Fusagasugá and San Bernardo will add forces to the ones already held in Cabrera and Arbeláez, neighboring towns, and the suspended popular consultation in the municipality of Pasca, driven by the citizens with the objective of protecting the biggest paramo in the world: Sumapaz. A historical territory of agrarian and environmental struggles, which supplies 15% of the Colombian population with drinking water and key for the safeguard water for future generations.

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Due to an interposed tutelage action, the consultations in these two municipalities can now take place. This tutelage’s purpose was for the Colombian State to deliver the necessary economic resources that guarantee Environmental Democracy. Given this context, the popular consultations of Fusagasugá and San Bernardo are of ultimate importance against the possible regression in citizen participation, which could occur in the next statement of the Constitutional Court in regard to the popular consultation of Cumaral, Meta.

At least 11 popular consultations are on hold in the country due to the lack of budget by the Treasury Ministry. Even today, the National Government is looking to delegate the budget of this participatory mechanism to the reduced budget of the municipalities.

Renzo García, spokesman of the Environmental National Movement, manifested: “It is sad that the National Government, the Congress and the Judicial Power pretend to mutilate the democracy of the Colombians, curtail the Human Rights of the communities and impose a mining-energy dictatorship”.

He added: “The call for the popular consultations of Fusagasugá and San Bernardo on the 21 of October has been positive, as long as the defenders of territory, water, life and health for our children and families, continue to work collectively and coherently”.

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Mariana Gómez Soto, Regional Coordinator of America Latina for the Global Solidarity Network, Yes to Life no to Mining explains: “Additional to the efforts of the municipalities adjacent to Sumapaz in regards to the environmental popular consultations that defend their territories from extractive projects, there has been, an effort for conservation for more than 30 years in the area. This has been materialized in the Suma-Paz Reserve – first reserve of the civil society that protects a forest of more than 600 hectares in perfect state – and the conservation of the paramo through the Sumapaz National Natural Park. It is necessary to build an articulated strategy for the protection of the Sumapaz, as a key region for the country, given its important role in the protection of water in the paramo and the Andean cloud-forest Forest. It is very important to accompany and strengthen the processes of Fusagasugá and San Bernardo”.

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We invite citizens of these beautiful municipalities to vote NO next Sunday 21stof October on the popular consultation; it is essential to make their rights for water and life count.  Let’s use our voices as example for all the consultations in the country that say NO to death, droughts and destruction. NO is NO.

Our daughters, sons, granddaughters, and grandsons will be grateful!

For the water, for our land #ColombiaFrackingFree

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