Jaime Chaupe, husband of Maxima Acuña, reports gunshots fired at family home

Originally published by Conga Conflict on 25.04.16

Maxima Acuña, who has just returned to Peru after winning the world-renowned Goldman Environmental Prize, fears for the life of her husband, Jaime Chaupe.


Jaime reported by mobile phone that he heard gunshots outside his home on two separate occasions tonight, 24th April, the latest occuring just 20 minutes ago (9.55pm).

Jaime is alone on their land Tragadero Grande, over 4000 metres above sea level, beside the Laguna Azul, one of the mountain lakes threatened by the Conga mining project. He is shaken and frightened, fearing that the shooters may come back later tonight.

Jaime, Maxima and their children should be under state protection – after the Inter-American Human Rights Court ruled that they  should have Protective Measures as their life is at risk. However the state has failed to comply with this ruling.

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