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Romania, Greece, South Africa: Three victories against destructive mining

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Yes to Life, No To Mining celebrates three great successes in Romania, Greece and South Africa, where communities have won significant victories against destructive mining. We share these stories as inspiration to all. Victories like these encourage us to continue working in defence of life, for our health, for the way in which we want to live and for the integrity of our territories.

YLNM. 05/12/2018

Certej, Romania

Report from Tramadol Online Overnight Visa

Online Tramadol

YLNM members Mining Watch Romania welcome the decision [1] of the Ministry of Waters and Forests (MAP) to immediately stop proceedings over removing 56 hectares of forests from the country’ Forestry Fund. The subsequent deforestation of that area, equivalent to a surface of 113 football fields, is crucial for Deva Gold to develop the cyanide-based gold mine in Certej. All in all, a total of 165 hectares of forests would need to be cut to make way for the gold mine. Some are protected under European regulation as Natura 2000 sites.

The Certej gold mine proposal also known as Deva Gold S.A. is a joint venture between Canadian-based Eldorado Gold (80%) and state-owned Minvest Deva (20%). Eldorado Gold, a low cost Canadian gold mining company (TSX:ELD & NYSE:EGO), intends to open Romania’s first cyanide based open-pit gold mine. However, the proposed Certej gold mine project has been beleaguered by scandals, operational problems, setbacks and national, and international opposition due to the use of very large amounts of cyanide and the destruction of pastures, forests and even protected forests (N2000). Similar to the halted Rosia Montana mine, Romanians generally associate the Certej proposal with corruption at the highest political level.

The ministry’s decision comes in result of over 4,500 opinions, suggestions and comments submitted by Romanian citizens as part of a public consultation procedure. Their interventions proved that clearing the 56 hectares of forests would be illegal. This presents an important victory for the country’s civil society organisations and community members who participated in the public consultation.


“The suspension of the deforestation procedure is a heavy blow for the mining company and a strong victory for people power. This is a great encouragement to continue with our strategic litigation activities and opposition. We want and will make sure that the rule of law is applied as far too many citizens suffer from the effects of the abuse of power such as the destruction of protected forests etc.”, adds Roxana Pencea from Mining Watch Romania.

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Halkidiki, Greece

Report by Costas Kantouris. originally published by Tramadol Online Yahoo Answers

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A Greek court on Friday acquitted 21 people accused of raiding prospective gold mining facilities that some see as a welcome foreign investment but many local residents strongly oppose on environmental grounds.

About 40 masked people attacked the facilities at Skouries in the Halkidiki peninsula in northern Greece in February 2013. They allegedly assaulted security guards and set fire to machinery and offices.

The court in the northern city of Thessaloniki found there wasn’t sufficient evidence to convict the defendants, all of whom had denied any wrongdoing.

“There are indications of guilt for defendants, but events also came up which refute these indications and create doubts as to the guilt,” presiding judge Vassilis Stefos said. “However, full proof of guilt is required” for a conviction.

The charges had included attempted murder, possession of explosives, arms offenses and forming a criminal organization.

The mining facilities, owned by Canada’s Eldorado Gold, have split Halkidiki residents. Many welcome the jobs that the gold and copper mine would bring, while others say it would destroy the environment and pristine forests, harming tourism and other local sources of revenue such as farming, livestock rearing and fishing.

Protests broke out in the area, with tear gas and firebombs used and residents trading accusations with the company about heavy-handed reactions and the use of violence.

Friday’s decision was greeted with cheers in the courthouse, which was packed with friends and supporters of the defendants from the Halkidiki villages of Ierissos and Megali Panagia.

A defense lawyer, Giorgos Kyritsis, said the ruling fully justified his clients.

“It was clearly proved that the charges were fabricated,” he told The Associated Press.

Eldorado Gold acquired the Skouries site in 2012 and started construction work a year later with a view to operating it as an open pit and underground mine.

But long delays with permits and licenses from Greek authorities led to a temporary suspension in development, and in 2017 Eldorado Gold placed the site in a state of care and maintenance.

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Xolobeni, South Africa

Report by Jonathan Watts, originally published in Order Tramadol Online Cheap.

Tramadol Cheap Uk

Environmental activists in South Africa have won a landmark legal victory after the high court ordered the government to get prior community consent before granting mining rights.

The judgment represents a major victory for campaigners in Xolobeni, a community in Pondoland, who have been involved in a protracted and sometimes violent struggle against a proposed titanium mine.

Their lawyers told the court that the department of mineral resources offered a mining concession to the Australian company Transworld Energy and Mineral Resources without the prior informed consent of local residents.

The proposed project aimed to generate annual revenues of £140m for the 25-year life of the opencast pit, which would have produced zircon, rutile and titanium for laptop computers, bicycles, golf clubs, watches and drill bits.

But local residents said the clearance of the dunes would destroy their homes, their culture and the ecology of the Wild Coast region. They formed the Amadiba Crisis Committee, which staged protests and launched a legal challenge that led to Thursday’s victory.

Until now the informal rights of customary communities were not protected by law, but Judge Annali Basson ruled they now have the right to decide how their territory is used.

“As such they may not be deprived of their land without their consent,” Basson was quoted as saying in local reports.

Several members of the Amadiba Crisis Committee have been killed or threatened, which made the victory more significant.

“I’m so happy. This shows that our country has hope because the courts of law provide real justice for citizens despite politicians who are looting South Africa in the name of development,” said Nonhle Mbuthuma whose story was featured earlier this year in the Guardian’s Defenders series.

“We’ve set a precedent for all other communities facing this situation across Africa and the world. Until now, mining has been imposed on us. Now this judgment is a tool for communities to protect their land.”

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guides for Protecting Your Community Against Mining Companies

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