Roşia Montană, A New Beginning – Screening and talk on building resilient communities

On February 23, come to RCC and celebrate the cultural and natural heritage of Roşia Montană, but also the victories of civil society and local communities.

Discover the story behind the 16 year long battle against corporate greed in Roşia and similar resilient communities across the world. Celebrate people power and be part of Roşia’s unfolding story of regeneration and developing sustainable lifestyles.

Join us for a special screening ahead of UK release of the documentary “In Defence of Life” and a panel discussion.

The documentary “In Defence of Life” (2016), produced by The Gaia Foundation, follows the struggles and triumphs of communities in Colombia, Romania, South Africa and the Philippines as they encounter mining projects. Examining the whys and hows of their struggles in the communities’ own words, the film raises deep questions about the common assertion that mining brings prosperity and development. By bringing together voices from seemingly distant parts of the world, the film shows that the localised struggles of these communities form part of a global pattern of opposition to extractivism; that when injustice and destruction are globalised, so is resistance.
The film is an invitation to everyone, everywhere to stand up in defence of life.


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An event in partnership with YLNM member groups Environmental and Social Change (ESC) and The Gaia Foundation.

The Gaia Foundation is a small UK non-governmental organisation operating internationally to protect and promote biological and cultural diversity. With its partners around the world, Gaia is committed to working towards food, land and water sovereignty, and a fairer, more just world.

Environmental and Social Change (ESC) is a London-based group of Romanians who are campaigning to change our current environmental and social boundaries.They aim to stop abusive projects which can destroy the environment and the communities that depend on it. ESC’s work is focused on raising awareness of social and environmental issues and creating sustainable change by making people responsible for their local actions at a global level.

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