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Yes to Life, No to Mining Update, December 2014. New film, stories of resistance, interviews, toolkits and actions.

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December 2014. New film launched In Solidarity with communities. Stories of resistance from around the planet. Interviews, toolkits and actions.


Thank you for pledging your support to the Yes to Life, No to Mining movement. Through these occasional dispatches we will keep you updated with inspiring stories of mining resistance from around the world and share ways in which you can stand in solidarity with Earth’s protectors.

This month we share a new film- In Solidarity- that evokes the spirit of Yes to Life, No to Mining. We also feature a vital toolkit for those resisting mining and bring you stories and statements of resistance from communities in Finland, Nigeria, Colombia, Peru and Scotland.

Since the Yes to Life, No to Mining web platform launched in November 29 community organisations and NGOs, each supporting communities resisting mining from the circumpolar north to the tropics, have joined the movement. Over 460 of you, hailing from Mongolia to Canada, have pledged to say Yes to Life, No to Mining in solidarity. This is the start of something big.

Thank you for your support so far. Please visit the website, share it and take the actions suggested on the homepage and in this mailing. Together, standing in solidarity, we are stronger.

Yes to Life, No to Mining

Tramadol Cheap UkIn Solidarity: A Film For A Movement

In Solidarity shares the story of communities separated by geography but united in their resistance to the extractive industries. The film depicts the simple act of a letter exchange from Colombia to the UK and the power and simplicity of solidarity.

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Purchase Tramadol Overnight CheapStand Up For Maxima!

The courageous Máxima Acuña, an Indigenous farmer from Peru, has been  sentenced to over 2 years in prison simply for defending her family farm from destruction by Yanacocha’s Conga gold mine. This injustice cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. Join over 100,000 others and sign Salva la Selva’s petition in protest.

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Cheap Tramadol From IndiaProtecting Your Community Against Mining: A Guide

Authored by seasoned Ecuadorian anti-mining activist Carlos Zorilla for Cultural Survival, this thorough toolkit describes aspects of the mining process, the dangers you and your community face when mining companies seek to operate in your community, and the ways you can fight back.

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Buy Cheap Tramadol CodMining an Imminent Threat to Indigenous Communities of European North

Tero Mustonen from the Snowchange Collective updates us on the growing threat posed by international mining companies to the livelihoods and cultures of Saami Peoples and others in Europe’s far north. Sign Snowchange’s petition to save the ancient Ostola forest from another extractive industry: logging.

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Tramadol Online SwedenAn Interview With Mariana Gomez, Yes to Life, No to Mining Activist

Mariana tells Yes to Life, No to Mining how the community in her home town of Doima, Colombia have been resisting mining giant Anglo Gold Ashanti’s plans to build a vast tailings dam on their lands. At the end of the article you can send Mariana and the people of Doima a message in solidarity.

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Order Tramadol Online CanadaRight Livelihood Award Winner Nnimmo Bassey Says Yes to Life, No to Mining

Director of Nigeria’s Home of Mother Earth Foundation and long time anti-oil campaigner Nnimmo Bassey sends the Yes to Life, No to Mining movement a video message in solidarity, and invites you to do the same!

Buying Tramadol In Mexico

Can I Get Arrested For Buying Tramadol OnlineCommunities of Falkirk, Scotland Unite to Resist Extreme Energy Initiatives

Jamie Mckenzie Hamilton, a Falkirk resident, tells Yes to Life, No to Mining how communities in his home town are uniting to resist local coal bed methane developments. The tools they have been using- such as Community Chartering- have helped them think beyond the present to ensure future generations can enjoy a safe and healthy environment.

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Start a Conversation. Share Words of Solidarity.

This website is about building a movement. We can only build a movement when we connect with one another. We invite you to do just that…

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