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Statement: Justice for the victims of Brumadinho mining dam collapse.

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IPCM and YLNM Joint Statement: Justice for the victims of Brumadinho mining dam collapse. Shut down Vale SA!

The International People’s Conference on Mining (IPCM) and the Yes to Life, No to Mining Network (YLNM) offer heartfelt sympathies to the victims of the worst environmental disaster in Brazil’s history — the dam collapse near Brumadinho, in Minas Gerais.

Tramadol Order Online

Brumadinho mine disaster. Photo: Wikipedia

Our global networks extend our commitment and solidarity to the people and people’s organizations in Brazil who are seeking justice for the victims of mining company Vale SA’s environmental crimes, and for the company to be held accountable. Organizations like the International Articulation of People Affected by Vale have been Ordering Tramadol Online Legal Vale’s dangerous mining practices to their shareholders for years, but those concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

Vale SA owns the Córrego do Feijão Mine waste dam, which collapsed on January 25th 2019. The company was also responsible for the catastrophic Samarco dam collapse in 2015, which killed at least 19 people. Vale operates in more than 30 countries worldwide and is known for its track record of polluting the environment and violating the rights of communities.

In the aftermath of this environmental crime, we demand the following urgent action from the Brazilian national government and Vale SA:

  • ·     Medical attention and hospitalization at no cost to those wounded in the disaster, and health support for those traumatised until they have fully recovered;
  • ·     Immediate indemnification and compensation to the victims and their families who have lost their loved ones and their properties damaged by the incident;
  • ·     Financial assistance and livelihood support for mine workers who have been displaced and/or made jobless as a result of the collapse;
  • ·     Ecological and economic rehabilitation, which should immediately commence after the rescue operation is over. The lives and livelihood of the communities in the areas should be able to return to normal as soon as possible;
  • ·     The immediate suspension and thorough independent investigation of all Vale operations in Brazil, by order of the Brazilian Government, to prevent another catastrophic mine disaster.

Vale SA and the Brazilian Government should shoulder the expenses related to the indemnification, compensation, and rehabilitation related to the incident.

Vale SA, its officials and owners, and responsible government officials, must be held accountable for the environmental destruction and death they have caused in Brumadinho. There should be no whitewashing and justice should be served as soon as possible.

The collapse of Dam I at the Córrego do Feijão was a preventable disaster. Despite the demonstrable increase in catastrophic tailings dam collapses around the world and the development of the Order Tramadol From India recommendations –  globally recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme’s 2017 assessment of tailings dams failures, and by the multi-sector Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance Standard – the global mining industry has refused to develop or adhere to the meaningful regulations needed to keep local communities, workers and ecosystems safe from disaster. Upstream tailings dams like the ones in Brumadinho continue to be the most commonly used worldwide. These reports tell us that they are also the most dangerous and pose the most risk. This is not just a Vale problem, it is an industry-wide epidemic.

The mining sector as a whole must commit to real changes that will prevent future disasters at existing mines NOW. This means getting behind major overhauls in design at existing mines, independent inspections paid for by mining companies, emergency response and grievance systems.

Mining trade associations like the International Council of Minerals and Metals must stop obstructing the development of strong safety requirements, as they have done in the case of tailings dams, and adopt the best practice guidelines like those set out by the Order Tramadol From India.

Whatever safety precautions are put in place, we recognise that industrial-scale mining is an industry predicated on harm. There is no such thing as sustainable mining, and no company operating today can claim to be ‘responsible’, even according to the limited measures established in initiatives like the Responsible Mining Index.

With this in mind, we stand with communities resisting new and unwanted extractive projects around the world who are asserting their right to say NO to mining, and exploring alternatives to extractivism.

Enough is Enough! The Brumadinho disaster must represent a turning point away from wanton destruction and corporate impunity in the mining industry. We stand together in calling for justice for the victims of Brumadinho mining dam collapse.


Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk, Order Tramadol 100Mg Online

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Statement: Justice for the victims of Brumadinho mining dam collapse.

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Campaigns Against Coal

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The Gaia Foundation: Opening Pandora’s Box Report
guides for Protecting Your Community Against Mining Companies

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  1. Ashok Shrimali says:

    Yes to life no to mining. With Solidarity.

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