Thematic Social Forum on Extractivism: Communities say No to extractivism and corporate plunder!

On 12th November 2018 the Thematic Social Forum on Extractivism got under way in South Africa, bringing together over 400 community spokespeople & activists to explore how we can go beyond extractivism. Follow #TSFMining, #Right2SayNo and #YestoLifeNotoMining on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date. Press release from our friends WoMin below.


Johannesburg, South Africa – November 12, 2018

Multi-national corporations are running rampant across the world, and particularly in Africa. They violate human rights and extract natural resources through mining, intense mega-agriculture projects and large-scale fishing. All of this is done in the name of profit & development. Communities are shown smoke and mirrors along with false promises – but not everyone is captured. From Xolobeni in the Eastern Cape, to Tete in Mozambique; to communities in the Bundi Valley in Democratic Republic of Congo whose land and livelihoods are under threat from a large-scale dam – people are rising and saying NO! to extractivism.

The extractivist capitalist model, resulting in the over-exploitation of natural resources, has devastated the environment; cut of the access to water; exacerbated climate change. In many cases corporate power has displaced, destroyed and dislocated communities and their way of life. Often, women bear the brunt of the violence of corporate plunder. This brutal, exploitative system disintegrates the basic social fabric of communities and divorces them from their culture and identity.

Members of the media are invited to a press conference on Tuesday November 13 where conveners of the Thematic Social Forum on Mining and the Extractivist Economy, currently taking place in Johannesburg, and the Peoples Permanent Tribunal on Transnational Corporations , which was convened from the 9th -11th of November will shed more light on the global efforts to oppose corporate impunity and building collective power. The Thematic Social Forum on Mining and Extractivism is currently hosting up to 500 international delegates from 60 countries representing communities from around the world affected by extractivism.

Venue: SCI-BONO Centre, Newtown, Johannesburg
Time: 1PM
Contact: Hassen Lorgat on 082 362 6180; OR
Raashied Galant on 079 525 9866

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  1. Comrades, we must not give up the struggle for justice. Aluta continual. I say NO to minining and Extravism activities going on in our countries globally. Our Eviroment must be protected, our resources must be protected and lives must be protected. We are together for the fight for Eviromental Justice.

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