Yes to Life, No to Mining (YLNM) is a global solidarity network of and for communities, organisations and networks who are standing up for their Right to Say No to mining and advancing life-sustaining, post-extractive alternatives. 

We have come together under the banner of YLNM in the shared belief that saying no to mining is not a selfish, negative or anti-development position, but an absolute necessity at this moment of social, economic and ecological crisis.

We cannot continue to extract as if the Earth were without limits and as if large-scale, industrial mining were not inherently violent and harmful to people and planet.

We must find ecologically and socially just ways into the future – ways that protect the ecosystems we all rely on upon, value all human life and take us beyond extractivism.

We believe communities, not states or multinational corporations, hold the key to this post-extractive future and must be heard.

YLNM exists to bring this future into reality through solidarity and collective action.